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Come and see the best gynecologist Abu Dhabi if you're experiencing any issues related to your reproductive system. Our compassionate gynecologists are trained to international standards, ensuring a comfortable and open discussion about sensitive topics. We provide high quality specialized services for simple and complex gynecological conditions at Stanford Medical Center. Our Center in Abu Dhabi offers top facilities and a healing environment for optimal care.

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best gynecolgist abu dhabi

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Feminine health is an important aspect of every woman’s well being. What goes on in a woman’s body should be monitored by an expert gynecologist. At Stanford Medical Center, we help treat conditions that are specifically for women. Our medical center has the best gynecologist Abu Dhabi and can provide comprehensive services unlike any other. Let Stanford Medical Center treat you today. We understand the needs of every woman and we’ll make sure to create a comfortable environment where you can openly talk to our best gynecologist in Abu Dhabi. Whatever your needs and concerns are, our gynecologist Abu Dhabi is certified and skilled to provide a safe and effective solution for your well being.

Better Women’s Wellness with Stanford Medical Center

Our gynaecologist in Abu Dhabi has experience in handling every sort of female case. See the list of our gynecology services below and inquire about our medical expert today.

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oUR Obestetrics & Gynecology Specialist

Dr. Bassel Tawfik Dib
Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology

Get Treated By The Best Gynaecologist in Abu Dhabi

We're here to guide you with everything when it involves your reproductive health and future. For the best gynaecologist Abu Dhabi has to offer, you can inquire at our medical center today. Don’t wait too long to make your condition worse, prevent it as early as possible with the help of a gynecologist in Abu Dhabi. Visit Stanford Medical Center today and discover exceptional women’s care.


Stanford Medical Center Abu Dhabi offers a wide range of gynecological services. You can get routine checkups, pregnancy care, and menstrual disorders treatment. You can also come to us for fertility d treatment, gynecological surgeries, family planning and contraception.

We are the top medical center with the best gynaecologist in Abu Dhabi. Stanford Medical Center Abu Dhabi boasts:

  • Experienced and compassionate gynecologists trained to international standards
  • A comfortable and open environment for discussing sensitive topics
  • Top facilities and a healing environment
  • Expertise to handle simple and complex gynecological conditions.

The best gynecologist Abu Dhabi for you will have both expertise and experience in the field, have positive patient reviews, and will have a compassionate approach.

Of course, we have onboard with us the best gynecologists who are trained to manage high risk pregnancies. We have leading gynecologists in Abu Dhabi working for us. They specialize in gynecological subspecialties such as fertility issues and can handle high risk pregnancies.

Our gynecologists offer fertility assessment and a range of treatment options. We offer treatment for individuals or couples experiencing fertility issues. Our gynecologist Abu Dhabi helps them achieve their reproductive goals.

Yes, gynecologists in Abu Dhabi follow strict patient confidentiality in Abu Dhabi and are committed to providing a safe environment for discussing sensitive issues.

Yes, the gynecologists at Stanford Medical Center Abu Dhabi are certified and skilled to provide safe and effective solutions for your well being.