WE: Specialized health care center in Uae

A team specialized in health care in the UAE and improving people's health in many areas of health using the best equipment and technologies available at this time, which help provide service to the Stanford Medical Center auditors.

Stanford Medical Center Reception Area

What do we offer?

Stanford physicians are qualified professionals with experience in leading centers in the United States and Europe. Our doctors and nurses form a well-coordinated team who are dedicated to their work and ready to help patients.

Get to Know Our Physicians:

Stanford Medical Center stands out by providing a group of exceptional doctors with extensive experience in various fields, aiming to deliver the most advanced and progressive medical services to patients. We strive earnestly to meet the needs of our esteemed visitors and ensure their satisfaction by offering the highest level of healthcare and distinguished services.


    Dr. Atef Mustafa

    Specialist Psychiatrist Medical Director & CEO


    Dr. Awatef Mousa

    General Practitioner


    Dr. Nilu Mehrotra

    Specialist Radiologist


    Dr. Aura Carolina Macias

    Specialist Psychiatrist


    Dr. Rana Habib Al Shamali

    General Dentist

  • Dr. Hamed Mohammed Ben Barka


    Dr. Hamed Ben Barka

    Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon


     ٍSimi Chako


    Stanford Medical Center
    We promise to deliver a new level of healthcare excellence
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    Our health insurance partners

    We are partner with a wide range of insurance providers to provide access to highly specialized care for you and your family.

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