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ADHD Treatment Abu Dhabi

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is quite a common mental disorder that can be developed in children and last a lifetime. Patients who have this disorder may face problems such as a lower attention span, impulsive behavior, and hyperactivity. Young patients may have low self-esteem and cannot maintain relationships. They show poor academic performance. However, with ADHD therapy, they will learn strategies to help them overcome such issues.

There is no permanent cure for this disorder, but with ADHD treatment, things can be manageable. Early diagnosis and treatment can make a significant difference in outcomes. At Stanford Medical Center, we have a competent psychiatrist with extensive expertise. We have a team with extensive experience in child and adolescent psychiatry. They can come up with custom treatments to improve the condition and ensure better development.

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Affordable ADHD Treatment Abu Dhabi

At Stanford Medical Center, we focus on the economics of ADHD treatment. We want to make it available to everyone. ADHD involves a variety of treatments and drugs. Our pricing offers accessibility without sacrificing quality or care. We work with a variety of health insurance companies to keep treatment affordable for our customers.

Transparent pricing is the main aspect in our treatment plan. We guarantee to provide our patients with up-front information regarding the expense of ADHD treatment. Our packages include consultations, testing, prescriptions, and treatment sessions. Our openness enables families to organize their finances without facing unforeseen financial difficulties. Each patient diagnosed with ADHD receives a personalized care plan at Stanford Medical Center. We tailored our ADHD treatment in Abu Dhabi to their needs.

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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Our vision:

Stanford Medical Center is leading a healthcare revolution with a focus on you. Our goal is to give hope and deliver outstanding care. We offer genuine compassion, respect, and sincerity. Discover the advantages of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder treatment. Get compassionate care, modern medication, and a dedication to your health.

Our mission:

To provide remarkable healthcare in a sheltered and patient centered environment by providing the most current medical practices to every patient through unified clinical practice and highly skilled professionals. We help you adopt a better schedule with our ADHD treatment Abu Dhabi.

Our values:

At Stanford Medical Center, our core values are Caring, Sincerity & Respect. The Mission & Vision of our clinic in Abu Dhabi will be displayed on the website & will be conveyed to all stakeholders. Get ADHD treatment in Abu Dhabi, freeing yourself from the trouble.

Modernized ADHD Treatment in Abu Dhabi

We focus on treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder through a multidimensional approach. Our approach includes complete assessments and diagnoses. We ensure that we come up with personalized treatment plans and innovative therapeutic approaches. Our treatment also has technology integration to make it more effective. Our medical center is updated on the latest developments in treating ADHD. We perform continuous monitoring and adjustment of medication to ensure symptom control. We do our best to minimize potential risks. We sit with families and help them understand the situation and how to care for the patients. Our experts come up with strategies for managing patients’s ADHD symptoms, ideally in everyday life. Stanford Medical Center is actively engaged in research initiatives aimed at advancing understanding and ADHD treatment.

Get Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder for A Better Lifestyle

We are committed to making your life better despite having ADHD. They are equipped to make accurate diagnoses and come up with custom treatment plans. We are here to offer our patients the specialized care and plans that they need to become better. Stanford Medical Center is your support system during these tough times in life. Our therapists are ready to assist every step of the way. So connect with us today and have a better turn in your life.

What We Provide?

At Stanford Medical Center, we are providing our patients with ADHD treatment in Abu Dhabi. We ensure that you feel safe and supported, especially since initial diagnosis.

Our therapist will offer your guidance as you walk towards the path of improvement. At our center, we value open and clear communication, making your experience comfortable.

ADHD Therapy Abu Dhabi We Offer

  • We ensure that you are in the right hands and under top care. Our aim is to maintain your psychological well-being in every way possible. For that, we offer complete ADHD treatment at our medical center. With us, you can get:
  • Sensory Integration Therapy                   Art Therapy
  • Exercise and Physical Activity                 Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Social Skills Training                                  Behavioral Therapy


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We are partner with a wide range of insurance providers to provide access to highly specialized care for you and your family.

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Common symptoms of ADHD include difficulty sustaining attention, forgetfulness, hyperactivity. Symptoms of ADHD can be noticed at a younger age. The symptoms can change in males and females.

Yes, we do. We have partnered up with a few renowned insurance companies in Abu Dhabi. Check out our page to learn more.

ADHD is classified into three main types. There is predominantly inattentive, predominantly hyperactive-impulsive, and combined presentation. Predominantly inattentive individuals struggle with inattention. Predominantly hyperactive-impulsive individuals display hyperactivity and impulsivity. Combined ADHD is the most common type. It combines inattentive and hyperactive symptoms. This type causes impairment in academic, social, and occupational functioning.

No, we don’t. Our prices are transparent, and you’ll be informed about everything by our staff.

You can call us at +97127775777 or email at info@stanfordmedical.ae to book an appointment. You can make a direct booking through our site as well.

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