ocd treatment in abu dhabi

ocd therapy abu dhabi

OCD can cause intrusive thoughts that trigger anxiety, disgust, or discomfort. These thoughts can be about things like contamination, things to be in perfect order, or harming yourself or others. People with OCD manage anxiety by engaging in repetitive behaviors. The behaviors include excessive hand washing, cleaning, counting, or seeking reassurance. OCD can be disruptive, but there’s hope. Many can learn to manage their symptoms and live fulfilling lives with professional help.

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obsessive compulsive disorder treatment

If you want OCD treatment in Abu Dhabi, you are at the right spot. Stanford Medical Center understands the depth of such mental issues. We have employed the best professionals. Our medical staff has great expertise in this field and knows how to handle OCD well. They provide the ideal solutions for you. Our team will give you the comfort to open up and make it easy to discuss problems.

ocd treatment abu dhabi

We have appointed the best staff at Stanford Center. They have amazing expertise in OCD therapy and treatment in Abu Dhabi. We are to bring you the much needed support. You can receive OCD therapy in Abu Dhabi with the latest techniques and equipment. You can get a psychological evaluation and physical exam. We also provide our patients with psychotherapy and proper medications. Our cognitive behavioral therapy and Exposure and response prevention (ERP) are the best to deal with OCD.

Get ideal and effective treatment options from Stanford Medical Center:
Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS)
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)
Self-Help Strategies
Support groups

OCD treatment Clinic Abu Dhabi

ocd therapy treatment abu dhabi

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Stanford Medical Center is leading a healthcare revolution with a focus on you. Our goal is to give hope and deliver outstanding care with genuine compassion, respect, and sincerity. Discover the advantages of OCD therapy Abu Dhabi at Stanford Medical Center. Get compassionate care, modern medication, and a dedication to your health.

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To provide remarkable healthcare in a sheltered and patient centered environment by providing the most current medical practices to every patient through unified clinical practice and highly skilled professionals, while respecting the community of Emirates. We help you adopt a better schedule with our OCD treatment Abu Dhabi.

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At Stanford Medical Center, our core values are Caring, Sincerity & Respect. The Mission & Vision of our clinic in Abu Dhabi will be displayed on the website & will be conveyed to all stakeholders. Get OCD therapy treatment Abu Dhabi, freeing yourself from the trouble.

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At Life Travel Medical, we offer Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). It’s a widely recognized and effective treatment for OCD. Our specialized therapists in Abu Dhabi work with individuals to identify your condition. They will take important steps to change thought patterns and behaviors, promoting healthier coping mechanisms.

ERP is a key component of CBT for OCD. This therapy involves exposing you to a triggering situation. You will learn to resist habitual responses.

It depends on how extreme the condition of OCD you have. Our therapist will develop an efficient plan to help you out.

The initial sessions are quite simple. The therapist will conduct an assessment to understand your specific concerns. Then they will develop a tailored treatment plan.

Yes, client confidentiality is a priority. Our therapists follow strict ethical guidelines. Everything that you share during your session at Stanford Medical Center will be confidential. The only reason we’ll release information is if there is any risk to you or others.

To schedule an OCD therapy you can connect with us on the number and email provided. We will appoint you at a suitable time and therapist you need.

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