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Stanford Medical Center: A Healthcare Facility located in Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Founded on a set of core values and objectives, Stanford Medical Center aims to be a key partner in the healthcare sector of the United Arab Emirates, while working towards enhancing the health of communities. This is achieved through providing an exceptional, high-quality healthcare experience, adhering to the highest modern medical standards

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Our vision:

We aspire to become one of the leading healthcare centers in Abu Dhabi within the coming years, and to present a unique and exceptional model that upholds the principle of partnership in healthcare and delivers exceptional service that meets the desires and aspirations of patients.

Our mission:

To provide comprehensive and high-quality medical services, with a focus on patients' privacy and confidentiality, achieved through effective medical communication between physicians and patients. We also emphasize considering the cultural and social specifics of the Emirati community and the significant cultural diversity of the United Arab Emirates

Our values:

At Stanford Center, we are founded on a set of core values that are non-negotiable. We wholeheartedly commit to these values, which include:
Teamwork and Collaboration.
Care and Compassion.
Consideration of Emirati Society's Characteristics.
Integrity and Leadership.
Dedication to Quality and Safety.
Quality Healthcare Provision.

Our health insurance partners

We are partner with a wide range of insurance providers to provide access to highly specialized care for you and your family.

Stanford Medical Center

We promise to deliver a new level of healthcare excellence

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