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Dr. Bassel Tawfik Dib
Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology
About Us

Our vision:

Stanford Medical Center is leading a healthcare revolution with a focus on you. Our goal is to give hope and deliver outstanding care with genuine compassion, respect, and sincerity. Discover the advantages of Depression Therapy Abu Dhabi at Stanford Medical Center. Get compassionate care, modern medication, and a dedication to your health.

Our mission:

To provide remarkable healthcare in a sheltered and patient-centered environment by providing the most current medical practices to every patient through unified clinical practice and highly skilled professionals, while respecting the community of Emirates. We help you adopt a better schedule with our anxiety therapy Abu Dhabi.

Our values:

At Stanford Medical Center, our core values are Caring, Sincerity & Respect. The Mission & Vision of our clinic in Abu Dhabi will be displayed on the website & will be conveyed to all stakeholders. Get depression treatment Abu Dhabi, freeing yourself from the trouble.

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We are partner with a wide range of insurance providers to provide access to highly specialized care for you and your family.

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